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Native Glory mock 2.jpg
"I have recently received my Blaze print. OMG. How beautiful! Thankyou. It's on my office wall. I work in HR so always pressured....but Blaze brings me a moment of peace each time I look at it. I look forward to seeing more.

Xx Jenny Muller


A Selection of Sold Artworks

“Beauty changes us. Art changes us. There is a frequency that is so healing, when something is truly crafted by a human who is channeling
their god-given artistic preciousness.”

Peta Kelly


Welcome to My Studio


Artist, Mother & Creator


I paint the light, luminous local beachscapes, water nymphs and sculptural native flowers, interpreting them in a fresh and modern way that is lyrical and full of movement and joy.


If you feel uplifted from my artworks,
I’ve done a good job!


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