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With my young family I live in the south-west of Western Australia, a magnificent pocket of paradise with sparkling waters, pure winds, cooling forests and famous surf-breaks.


Art has always been my first love. It's a thrilling, seductive and often elusive journey filled with many ups and downs but also the catalyst for many remarkable insights. I've found creating uplifting artworks to be a fulfilling and dynamic blend of both personal transformation and a vehicle to bring more beauty into the world.

With a BA in Design, I worked for many years overseas in the graphic arts but felt increasingly disillusioned working in the urban corporate world. With a leap, I gave it up to travel and explore and returned to something more visceral: paint and brushes.

I use Windsor & Newton oils and for acrylics, the artist-quality Derivan Matisse range; a fabulous Australian brand with many distinctly Australian hues. All paintings are finished with a high quality semi-gloss varnish to seal, protect and enhance the artwork.

Any queries... just ask !  I'd love to
hear from you. 

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