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In Luminous Bloom
  • In Luminous Bloom

    Oil and mixed media on Canvas

    60cm x 60cm


    This bouquet is different from my others… firstly as it's painted entirely in oil, and secondly, the colour palette is very limited. This was deliberate, as I wanted to see how nuanced I could go with the different hues of peaches, blush and apricots, and their compliments - all those rich teals, azures and powder blues.

    The process of painting this piece includes many layers of preliminary acrylic washes, gradients of spraypaint, oil sticks, oil pastels and, of course, luminous oil paints. I enjoy the softness of this piece, with drags of dry brushing and glazes of deep scarlets for intrigue.

    My love-affair with painting bouquets remains unabated... for me they epitomise abundance and bounty, and are such magnificent metaphors for realising our own inner radiance... blooming from our wounds on the journey to self-realisation.


    This artwork is signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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